Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris

One of the most famous cathedrals in the world, this 12th-century Gothic beauty is a must-see for its historical importance and magnificent art.

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Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Notre Dame Cathedral
48.8530000° N, 2.3498000° E
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Location Map

Aerial view of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Location map of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. Click image for a larger, interactive view.

Aerial View

Aerial view of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Aerial view of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. Click image for a larger, interactive view.



Construction of the first Notre Dame Cathedral


Construction begins on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris


Construction continues at Notre Dame Cathedral

19 May 1182

Consecration of Notre Dame Cathedral


Construction of west facade of Notre Dame Cathedral up to rose window


Creation of the west rose window at Notre Dame


James V of Scotland marries Madeleine of France in Paris


Notre Dame plundered and re-dedicated to Reason during the French Revolution

2 Dec 1804

Coronation of Napoleon

26 Aug 1944

Thanksgiving service for liberated Paris in Notre Dame Cathedral

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