Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

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Regnal Name
Napoleon I
The Corsican
The Little Corporal
August 15, 1769


15 Aug 1769

Birth of Napoleon

Apr 1791

Napoleon is appointed first lieutenant of the 4th regiment of artillery at Valence. He immediately joins the Jacobin Club, a debating society. Making speeches against nobles, monks, and bishops, he soon becomes the club's president.

Aug 1793

When the commander of the National Convention's artillery is wounded at Toulon, Napoleon Bonaparte takes over.

17 Dec 1793

Napoleon wounded by bayonet

22 Dec 1793

Napoleon Bonaparte is promoted to rank of Brigadier General at age 24

Feb 1794

Napoleon Bonaparte becomes commandant of the artillery in the French Army of Italy.

Aug 1794

After Robespierre falls from power in Paris, Napoleon is imprisoned for a month in Nice on charges of conspiracy and treason.

Apr 1795

Napoleon travels to Paris in an attempt to secure a prominent military post for himself. He is unsuccessful and considers working for the sultan of Turkey.

5 Oct 1795

Napoleon Bonaparte, second in command of the National Convention, defeats a major royalist revolt in Paris, saving the new Republic. Napoleon becomes commander of the Army of the Interior.

2 Dec 1804

Coronation of Napoleon

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